Who we are

Day Holding helps to improve healthcare by providing a broad range of professional solution. We are one of the Iran’s largest provider of pharmaceutical commercial services. We use the breadth and depth of our service offerings, our therapeutic, scientific and analytics expertise to help our pharmaceutical Partners, as well as other healthcare pharmaceutical companies, navigate the increasingly complex healthcare environment to improve efficiency and to deliver better healthcare outcomes.
What We Deliver

We work with pharmaceutical and other life science companies with services and solutions that improve your probability of success In Iran Market , connecting insights with superior delivery for better outcomes. DayHOLDINGs' success begins and ends with your success. We share your goals and collaborate with you, bringing an industry recognized depth of expertise and breadth of perspective to shape better ideas. Our award-winning people, processes and technology drive predictable and efficient delivery around the Middle East . With more than 1000 employees working in 9 subsidery companies , we have helped develop or commercialize of top 10 MNC products in Iran , we have launched best-selling drugs of CNS and Diabetes on the market . And it’s all done with an unwavering dedication to ethics and high quality, in the pursuit of success in human measures.

How we think

Originator needs to adapt to a systems-oriented approach to protect revenues, grow market share, and obtain regulatory approval for new Molecule in Iran Market.
We address the needs of Originator and other healthcare companies including payers and providers. We use our expertise and insights to help Originator optimize the value of their drug launch, commercialization and health care delivery. Our mission is To earn Originator's trust by delivering on our promises with high-quality health care services that help improve outcomes.
We can support Originator from strategy through planning and execution. Through our extensive range of services, we solve Originator's biggest challenges with better decision making: decreasing costs, improving productivity, and saving time. The broad scope of our services helps Originator provider rapidly assess the viability of a growing number of potential new therapies, cost-effectively accelerate development of the most promising ones, successfully launch new products to market and evaluate their impact and appropriate use in Iran Market.

Our Values

Our values help define who we are and the kind of company we aim to be. We have an unwavering commitment to the highest ethical standards placing the safety and care of patients at the center of our core values and everything we do. Teamwork The more minds that contribute, the better the results. We work together across the hall and across the globe, collaborating actively to solve tough challenges and advance our collective goals. Leadership Leadership is a state of action, empowering decision-makers at every level. Moving forward with purpose, to create value today and build a legacy for tomorrow.Customer Focus We build lasting, collaborative relationships with our pharmaceutical companies. It starts with a deep understanding of the challenges they face. Working as their thought partner, we help them turn their vision into reality. Integrity At the heart of our work is doing what’s right – for patients, pharmaceutical companies and employees. We act with an unwavering commitment to ethics, honesty and accountability. Quality We’re passionate about what we do and we want our name to stand for excellence. We are determined to be the example that the industry aspires to follow.

Our Heritage

Over the Last decade, Day holding, has pioneered new ways to tackle big healthcare challenges, starting with the way new drugs are developed and launched.
Born from the spark of product Launch  in a small pharmaceutical company, our company has grown significantly and strategically to cover the Iran as we bring together experts with transformational processes and award-winning technology. Now that we are the Iran’s fastest growing provider of pharmaceutical development and commercial services, our goal remains the same: to make a meaningful difference in health and patient outcomes.

Where We Are

Germany – Alliance management
UAE – Finance
IRAN –  Molecule registeration (IDL) ,Brand Registration ( IRC ) , S& M , Supply chain management  

Day Holding Founder

​Amirsaeed Malekshahi
Owner and Chairman of Day Holding 

Malekshahi is known for his passion, desire, determination, discipline and dedication, Day Holding said. With annual revenue of 57 million Euro in 2017 (Alhavi, ODS group), Malekshahi and his senior management team are credited with leading the company to explosive growth in the last Five years. Malekshahi volunteers his time mentoring youth in the community and the company contributes to many charitable causes, including the donation of Medicines to needy organizations.

Amirsaeed Malekshahi is Owner & Chief Executive Officer of DayHolding and serves on its Board of Directors. In this role, Malekshahi is responsible for driving the company’s growth as the Iran’s leading provider of Nutraceutical  Products. More recently on 2008, he was establishing Omid Darou salamat for importing medicine and Arta Darou Pars for API . In this role Malekshahi was expected to grow company revenue to be a top 3 company in Iran based on Value. Omid darou salamat delivers services and information that enable its partners to evaluate and demonstrate the availability , global positioning and value of products over the course of their lifecycle. Malekshahi spends much of his time with customers, learning more about the challenges they face and helping them to navigate the complex healthcare environment with greater productivity and predictability.
Malekshahi spent 7 years at Tadbir kalaye jam, including 5 years in leadership roles, partnering with many of its key partner globally. As managing director of Tadbir kalaye jam Health and Products business areas, he successfully grew the portfolio of businesses. This operating unit included pharmaceutical firms, payers and providers, and drug retailers and distributors. Previously, he was the Iran chief operating officer for Alhavi’s operating group which included production and distribution .In both operating units, he partnered with clients on their growth strategies and initiatives, as well as enabling them to deliver significant operational efficiency improvements.

Throughout Malekshahi’s career, he has worked with leading companies on issues of strategy, operations and pharma technology based on his education in civil engineering . Malekshahi has concentrated his career in the healthcare and technology industries and he is viewed as a leading expert in the provision of business services within these fields. With 18 years of experience, Malekshahi brings an integrated, patient-centric view of healthcare, spanning pharma, payers, and providers to help partners be successful.


Important Dates

  • January 8, 2016, Cipralex launch